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Transforming a Home Pantry

Have you ever opened the pantry door and thought, what a disaster?  For many the pantry has become the storage grounds for all things “kitchen related”.  Shelves are packed with cans goods and boxes are strewn everywhere with no rhyme or reason.  We can not find what we need due to a lack of organization.

We can easily update, organize and transform a pantry from a disaster to a highly organized area, where we can easily find what we need.  Here are a couple of helpful hints to transform the disaster into useful space.


Clear Out The Pantry

Begin by removing everything from the pantry. You should review each item and place like items together. Donate items you know you will not use such as small appliances or vases from the florist.

Wipe Down The Shelves

Wipe down all the shelving and clean out the crumbs.  There are instances where containers may have leaked or spilled.  Clean it up sticky areas.

Organize Foods

Throw away expired foods and donate duplicate food items to a food bank.  You can replace zip top bags with clear plastic containers and glass jars with lids so that the food is visible.  This also creates a nice visual presentation. Larger glass jars or clear containers replace boxes.

Restock Shelves

Group similar foods and snacks together in dollar store baskets.  Place canned goods together in one area and place kid snacks within reach on the lower shelves for easy access. Magazine files make great storage space for produce such as onions or potatoes.

Presentation is important in all aspects of life, whether the presentation is for your kitchen pantry or the home you’re thinking about selling.  Need help? Rely on Carmel, IN real estate experts like the Albrecht Team to provide trusted advice. Contact us at 317.580.9955 or send an email to to learn more!