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Protect Your Home While on Vacation

With COVID on the decline many are ready to hit the road for a vacation.  Too much “together time” has us dreaming about traveling. Whatever your motivation is, be sure to protect your home while you’re on vacation.

Many people unknowingly developed patterns while we stayed home for a year plus.  It is now obvious when we are physically home and when we leave. For this reason it is important to consider that someone may be watching your home for mischievous purposes. An intruder may notice when you are away from home for an extended period of time.  These are some tips to help protect your home while you are on vacation.

Lock Your Doors & Windows

This is obvious, but many are in the habit of leaving doors unlocked while we stayed home over the past year.  When you are ready to leave, be sure to check all doors, including the garage and sliding glass doors, and lock them.  The same goes for windows. Be sure that the windows are locked as well.  Why give someone an easy opportunity to enter your home while you are away?

Hold Mail & All Deliveries

Go to the post office and request for your mail to be placed on hold while you are away.  If you receive a newspaper, place this on hold too.  Do not place orders for deliveries while you are not at  home to receive the package. If you need to place an order, ask a friend or neighbor to watch out for the package and retrieve it.  A pile of packages on the front porch is a tell-tale sign that no one is home.

Install Proper Exterior Lighting

Install outdoor lights that are on a timer so that it looks like you are still at home.  Be sure to test all bulbs to make sure they are working outside of your home so that there are no dark areas around the home where someone could hide.

Install a Home Security System

Get a home security system and be sure to advertise that you have one.  This means using the stickers and signs that the alarm company provides to you free of charge.  The sign may divert someone from entering your home if a loud alarm may be present.  Video security systems can also allow you to monitor your home remotely.

Stay Off Social Media

I know this one will be hard, but do not post vacation photos on social media while you are on vacation.  This is a free advertisement that you are not at home.  Post your favorite pictures after you arrive home from your trip.

Although no one can guarantee your home’s safety, these tips may discourage an intruder from trying to gain access to your home while you are away.  There are some additional tips available at

If, after your vacation, you decide that you’d like to make that vacation place your permanent home,  you can rely on Carmel, IN real estate experts like the Albrecht Team to provide trusted advice. Contact us at 317.580.9955 or send an email to to learn more!