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Move And Keep Your Pets Safe

Moving to a new home is stressful. Getting rid of the junk, packing up all our belongings into boxes and strangers going in and out of the house. If these activities create stress for people, imagine how much stress our pets endure during the moving process. Their whole world slowly disappears into boxes and all the old familiar sights and smells vanish. With this in mind, how can we make a move easily and keep our pets safe?

Preparation Before The Move

You should take your pet to your new neighborhood before the move if possible.  Let your pet become familiar with the new territory and smells. Scout out the neighborhood together for pet friendly spaces and walking trails.

Notice if there are neighbors who allow their pets to run free or if there are aggressive animals close to your new home. This preplanning will not only benefit you but will make the transition less stressful for your pet.

Contact Your Vet

You should take your pet to the family vet for a thorough check-up prior to your move, especially if you are moving out of town or state. Be sure to fill all prescriptions before the move and request a copy of your pet’s records. Your new vet will want a complete history of your pet’s health.

If your pet has not been micro chipped, this is the time to do it.  Be sure to provide your new address and contact information. If your pet has been chipped, be sure to update the address with your new information so that if your pet gets loose or lost in the hustle and bustle of the move, the chip will be readable at the Humane Society or local vets’ office.

It is extremely important for your pet to wear a collar and tag with your new address.

Keep Your Pet Away From The Action

In order to keep your pet’s stress level down, you may want to keep your pet in a secluded area of the home behind a closed door. This way your pet will not be in the middle of “moving action” and potentially escape by way of an opened door. Be sure your pet has access to water and food. Make sure you check in on your pet from time to time to provide reassurance and potty breaks.

If your pet is crate trained, be sure the crate is placed in the safe area as well.

Moving Day

Be sure to move your belonging to your new home before you move your pet.  This will permit you to do some unpacking at the new home, which will make your pet more comfortable upon arrival. You and your pet should travel together to the new home so that they can slowly adjust to their new surroundings. Keep favorite toys, pet bedding and food/water available and within sight to help with the adjustment.  Make your pet feel comfortable and shower them with attention. This will help your pet to enjoy the new home as well.