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Helpful Hints for Showing & Selling Your Home

Showing your home is a very stressful, important aspect of selling your home. It is your opportunity to share how amazing your home is, while presenting your house in the best possible way. A few important factors can help make your next showing a success.

1) Clean, clean, clean. Not just vacuuming, cleaning toilets or mirrors. Clean your entire house. Make sure those hard to reach (and see) areas are attended to. Spend extra time in your bathroom and kitchen. Clean your microwave, your stove, your refrigerator. Focus on your shower, behind the toilet, even under your sink. Clean more (and better) than you have ever cleaned before.

2) De-clutter. As you list your home, you should be removing many personal items, things that are just sitting around and piles of junk. When a showing is scheduled, do even more. Take one final trip through your home to see if there is anything else you can remove. Each and every time you leave the house, have a handful of items that don’t need to be there when someone else is exploring your home.

3) A good smell. When you enter a home, if you sense a sour or pet odor, you are immediately turned off. The opposite can happen if you smell fresh flowers, a candle or even fresh cookies. Take the time to make sure your home is full of “good” scents. Bonus, leave a few cookies out and encourage your visitors to try one!

Showing your home is your opportunity to showcase how great your house truly is. If you focus on the tips above, your potential buyers will immediately be more interested.

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