Keith Albrecht Rises Above the
Average in Both TIME and MONEY

We handle ALL of the details from the beginning... 

-Negotiate the best price

-Preparation of legal documents

-Title search

-Conduct settlement

When an offer to purchase is received we will take these action steps:

-Detail seller expenses and net proceeds

-Discuss qualifications of the prospective buyer:

  Income & indebtedness

  Owner or renter

  Provide lender's guidelines

-Analyze, evaluate and proof the purchase agreement for completeness and accuacy

-Negotiate on your behalf

-Prepare a calendar of key upcoming actions (i.e., mortgage application, mortgage approval, inspections, closing, etc.)

-Explain all details and contingencies

-Deliver all counter proposals promptly

-Preview any contingency issues

-Maintain rapport and communcation with
    other agents involved in the transaction

While your transaction is pending we will take these action steps:

-Deposit earnest money

-Order title insurance, deed, affidavit, and survey

-When appropriate, meet appraiser at property and present market data

-Review the inspection report with you

-Give a weekly report of pending details

-Follow up with borrower's lender

-Locate a new home or condominium for you, if desired

-Show the sale as pending in Multiple Listing records, put up "SOLD" sign

-Assist cooperating agent with any problems relative to the sale

-Order mortgage pay-off amount and order water, well, septic,
    and termite inspections

-Offer names of contractors available for any needed repairs

Keith Albrecht
Keith Albrecht