The Home Buying Process

An Overview


  1. Meet with your buyer agent to determine your wants and needs regarding your home selection.
  2. Obtain a pre-approval letter for your home mortgage from your lender.
  3. Finalize pertinent home search information and your buyer agent will launch the computer search to begin your email notification of home listings.
  4. Select and view selected properties with your buyer agent.
  5. Write the offer to purchase your home.
  6. Negotiate any counter offers and finalize the terms of the purchase agreement.
  7. Sign the acceptance of the purchase agreement and give your earnest money check to your buyer agent.
  8. Schedule and respond to your home inspection.
  9. Finalize the paperwork needed for your home mortgage with your lender.
  10. Review the closing statement with your buyer agent.
  11. Sign the papers, close the sale and take possession of your home.

Benefits of Home Ownership



  1. Pride of ownership- It has long been an American goal to own a home and experience the freedoms to select home features, neighborhood amenities and location.

  2. Tax advantage- The property taxes and mortgage interest that a homeowner pays are both tax deductible on your income taxes.  During the first several years of ownership the largest portion of your mortgage payment is interest.  Exceeding the standard deduction on income taxes allows you to itemize further qualified deductions reducing your overall tax liability. 

  3. Long-term investment- People consider home ownership a good long-term investment.  Historically, home prices have risen at relatively steady rates.  Increasing the value of your property creates equity without the homeowner having any additional expenditures.  Returns from the investment in a home has consistently outpaced the rate of inflation.  Home ownership comprises the single largest source of savings for Americans.  Homeowners build equity in their home which serves as a forced savings account.  As the need arises, homeowners can borrow against the equity in the home.


Keith Albrecht
Keith Albrecht